Monday, December 19, 2005

New Wormery Adventures Here

There's very little going on in the lives of my worms right now, except for the fact that four hens are on the hunt for them, so instead I refer you to the adventures of:

fluffius muppetus

Thursday, December 15, 2005

This Week in Fake News

In his column for the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Carroll speculates on the kinds of "good stories about the war" that the Pentagon has been covertly placing in Iraqi newspapers.


"Endangered worms make a comeback: One of the rarest worms in the world, Aporrectodea (species withheld by request), has been spotted by biologists in more than a dozen locations around Mosul. Once driven almost to extinction by agricultural practices, the worm has used rich new sources of nutrients to thrive and multiply.

Said a worm expert: 'First the land was allowed to lie fallow, then the ground was turned over in the course of the liberation. Add to that the calcium and potassium found in human bones, and iron in the blood, and you've basically got worm heaven. And I know the guys would have been happy to contribute to this new habitat.' "

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Moving the Worms

A whole mess of giant Australian earthworms have to be moved to make way for Progress. It's tricky work--it's taken two months, and they've moved 600 earthworms in that time, but with a 20% mortality rate. They may be big, but they're fragile. Sometimes workers would spend two hours brushing the dirt away before they could move them.

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